Let me share a bit of my heart behind offering mentoring sessions. Photography is personal. It is more than a business endeavor, more than a marketing strategy, more than making something look pretty. Photography is all about capturing connection and helping people remember what is most important to them. 

Since photography is personal and relational at its core, I want to keep things as personal and relational as possible in my mentorship sessions. I want to meet YOU and connect with YOU. I want to invest in YOUR unique creativity. I want to learn why you love photography and help you channel your efforts into those elements. I want to learn what you hope to create and give you opportunities to do so - and in ways you never thought you could.

I want to be the mentor that walks alongside you through your journey, teaching you everything I have learned through mine. I have jumped over countless hurdles in the process of starting my business; figuring out how to make a living from my passion, learning how to market, helping clients feel totally comfortable in front of a camera, and how to deliver an excellent product that leaves people feeling captivated and proud of their choice to get their photos taken with me - and I want to lead you over these hurdles as well. 


In order to keep things highly personal and interactive, I only offer a few mentorships a year.



Join me on a one hour couples session in the mountains. I will give you hands-on training with your camera and will teach you how to interact with your dream clients.



Spend one hour with me as we dive into editing your own photos in lightroom. we will go over technical editing as well as discovering your own style.



Spend Two hours with me asking the questions you've always wanted the answers to. I will tell you everything I wish I knew while starting my own business.

Photos of Anna Grace from Georgia doing the mentorship with me!

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