There was something about looking through my grandparents film photos that made my appreciation for a photograph nostalgic and present at the same time. My grandfather passed away and couldn't tell me about all the memories he had shared with my grandmother. I would have given anything to hear the words from his perspective. Instead, my grandmother poured over endless photographs they had taken throughout their life adventures. The photos told me the story of their love and their memories. To capture a memory that lasts generations makes me come alive.

I love exploring the world! THAT is why I love capturing love stories from all parts of the earth. I was living in New Zealand for a few years when I met my husband, Tyler (in the photo above!) He shares the same love of wild adventure as I do. Together we have taken roadies through New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, France, Switzerland, Italy, The Netherlands, and Papua New Guinea. We have been married for almost five years now and live in Denver, Colorado together. You can find us flipping vans into campers, bargain hunting at the local thrift store, or literally anywhere in the mountains on the weekend.

My clients are adventurous, absolutely in love, and want something MORE than just a few good photos for their wedding day. My heart and soul is to create a day with you that is breathtakingly beautiful, unique, and embodies your love. I believe in giving you the best of the best to remember your day by, along with having a ton of fun while doing it.

Your wedding photographer is the one that is there through every intimate moment of you getting ready, putting on your dress, seeing your spouse for the first time on your big day, every breakdown and prayer, every tear and sweet giggle. It is very important to invite someone into your day that you trust, carries peace and joy, and will serve you on your wedding day. My favorite thing about shooting weddings is bringing fun, joy, ease of mind, and a stress-free environment. Let's work together on the best day of your life!

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